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If I had a penny for every time Notability crashed maybe Id be able to afford college...

Left Behind

The app is great is you have the newest devices and software. I am still trailing with an iPad 3 on iOS 9.3.5. There are only a few apps that lag when I type and unfortunately Notability is one of them. I type a lot on the go, but I regretably decide not to because of how frustrating this lag can be. If there is nothing that can be done to improve this, I understand.

Good but...

I absolutely love the app and have used it all throughout my undergrad. But recently large documents cause the application to crash and the italics wont work for some reason.

Cannot import files

Same issue as reviews below, new update cannot import any of my ppt or pdf files make the app essentially useless

Essential for College, Needs Handwriting Search

This app almost has its all. what it needs now is either a handwriting to text function or at least the ability to search handwriting. I also couldnt figure out why the lined paper is uncomfortable to write on. I now realize there is no lined paper option that has the same line size as real paper. Its either slightly too big or too small. I hope they introduce another lined paper size thats more like real lined paper.

has been glitchy

good update and I like the new colors but lately it has been VERY glitchy and crashing every few minutes I take notes. Wont let me share my notes to other apps and therefore I cant turn them in. It also deletes my work and wont let me open files. PLEASE FIX THIS!!

Thank You For The New Update.

Ive always very much enjoyed and appreciated using, Notability, on my iPhone 6 Plus. I find that its a great way to take notes and to keep my ideas and important information organized. I havent tried out the new "straight lines" feature yet, but overall the app seems very stable to me after this most recent update. And while I find it kind of messed up that this developer charges for new themes (if youre not making enough money currently, just up the initial asking price of the application!), well, I do have to admit that some of the themes look really nice in my opinion. Such as the "Fall", "Winter" and the new "Bubblegum" theme packs. But, seriously, $4 for three new themes? That to me is ridiculous and bordering on, if not in fact, greedy. Overall, though, I still find this application to be worthy of the five stars Ive given it. And I personally believe that you wont be able to find many note-taking programs of this high of a caliber available on the App Store today. So, I definitely recommend checking out, Notability. And I want to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to the developer for your continued hard work, effort, support and time, that you no doubt put into this application to make it as nice as it is to use in my opinion. Thanks for that and God bless. iPhone 6 Plus/ iOS 10.0.2

Very Versatile!

This is my favorite note taking and PDF annotator. I love that continuity works seamlessly between my Macs and IPad. My only suggestion would be to add more stylus options such as the Creative Stylus 2.

Love This App!

This app is great! I would like the ability to create page breaks. When Im taking notes the fact that the page is a long continuous stream is good. But when Im studying I like to study in pages, meaning maybe my notes on letter-sized paper would translate to 4 pages. I would like to page through my notes in page format instead of scrolling through them after I take them.


I used this app throughout my entire Masters program and currently as a catch all for the various Boards I sit on. I love it but now this version crashes with large PDF files non stop. Almost non-usable.


This is the app you are looking for if you have an iPad Pro. I went through a lot of apps before I found this. I was hoping Apple would update Pages and Keynote for the Apple Pencil..but they havent..makes no sense. But..notability does everything thing I need and more. Fantastic for taking notes in lectures, meetings, etc, and its great to be able to look things up in split screen..then import that stuff into notability..and then incorporate those figures, etc in my note..and even draw/write over the imported item. Love it!


The only problem I have with this app is that just about every time I am trying to handwrite with my Apple Pencil and set my wrist on the screen to start writing, it catches my wrist and moves the screen right before my pencil touches.

Great app-whenever it works

I used this app a few years ago, but I stopped using it as I found some features surest rating. A month ago I decided to give it another try and I have to say that I liked it a lot-until today. It keeps freezing up and nothing seems to work today. I might have to abandon it again and find something else that is reliable.

Fantastic turned useless

I see others are having issues getting material in to the App. My problem is I am now not able to move a document to dropbox or attach it to an email. I have tried many similar products but there is no comparison to this App when it functions properly. Its a 5 star become an almost useless 2. I will change this review to a 5 if the problem is fixed.

Dont know what happened?

This app was amazing until I couldnt import PDFs or documents from other drives or downloads...

Best app out there!!!

I use this app to take notes in all of my classes. One thing I could benefit from is the addition of a blank staff paper option because I am a music major. Other than that, this is the app to get!!!

What happened??

I have been really enjoying this app. With the latest 2 updates I can no longer import PDF files from my iPhone.

Tons of Bugs with Apple Pencil

PLEASE resolve this. Often when I try to go back the second to last thing I wrote will disappear rather than the last thing. In addition, sometimes what I already wrote will randomly switch to the color I am currently writing in. Also, sometimes a line just appears across the screen for no apparent reason. This is so annoying and honestly ruining this app for me.

Hasnt Entered the Apple Ecosystem

As a college student, there are some things within the app that I dont necessarily like. The app allows you to be able to import and export files to various cloud data bases, except the iCloud which is HUGE with new OS Sierra since all your mac files are automatically updated. Additionally there is not a feature to import pdf files which is a huge disadvantage.

Great app, but one more thing,

This app is great, but there are some reasons why i did not rate it 5 *STARS* 1st,-i could use it great, but if im working on a draft for a drawing, the words get stuck to the figures 2nd,-this app is great itself, nothing wrong with it, but i think there may be a problem with IOS.10 because Notability freezes and i have trouble unfreezing it. 3rd,-this reason is why its good, i like how it gives you instructions anout how the app works and where to go to if you are confused. 4th,-I personally use this app for school, but it freezes all the time, this is bedoming more of a problem now(just wanted to let you know) Lastly,5th,- I think you should make it more compatible so that people with older versions of their phone or so can buy it too., Thank you, Sincerely, ANONYMOUS

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