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Very good app on iPad Pro

But Id like a possibility of cropping PDFs or notes in order to be able to create images/notes at a custom size different than A4 (hard crop). It would be useful to insert them in PDFLaTeX documents, and reduce the margins of the output PDF, that are too large by default. Choosing the size/resolution of the PDF output lacks. Being able to draw straight lines or basic shapes without creating a figure lacks. Improving Palm rejection on Ipad Pro with Apple Pencil is mandatory too: notability isnt at the level of the basic Apple palm rejection used in the integrated "note".

Excellent app

Using this app for few years now for hand write note taking at meetings etc... Unable to sort by name A to Z or Z to A which was in earlier version !!! Restore notes from cloud modify all creation dates to restore date ?

A good start

Very intuitive to use. However, as already mentioned in the comments, it needs more editing features like tables, math equations, shape and text recognition, etc. Will give 5 stars then.

Quase lá/ Almost there

Faltam duas funções para este app ser perfeito: Poder inserir/remover páginas PDF e o reconhecimento de formas semelhante ao goodnotes4. There are 2 missing features to this app become perfect: ability do add/remove PDFs pages and shape recognition just like on Goodnotes4.

Unstable app

I cant move the text or add new pages between existing ones without the app freezing...

Problemas corrigidos.

A última atualização corrigiu problemas cruciais, fazendo o aplicativo retomar seu bom desempenho. Algumas melhorias ainda são necessárias para tornar o app 5 estrelas. The latest version contains the solution of key problems. The solution makes the app reviver it good performance. Some improvements are still necessary to make it become a 5 stars app.


Best note app ever! The only app I have ever bought and it is worth it. I have never used my notebook again, after I buy this app. Taking note during classes was never this fast. Of course it still need some updates and more functions, but comparing with other apps...this one beats them all


I just have some issues when editing a long note. It kinda of gets laggy and it takes a lot to edit simple details.

Best combination pro+pencil+notability

I am using it with ipad pro and Pencil, and I have to tell that is the best combination. I believe that because of its huge success, more paper styles and templates could come. A ruler as Notes have could be a plus.


Muito bom

Best app for notes

Ive been using this app now for ~3 years. It is by far the best app I could find so far for taking notes (handwritten), comment documents, create some drafts, etc. excellent functionalities with very good reliability Only point Im missing so far is a functionality to convert handwritten text to "typed text"

Powerful note taker

Notability is very user friendly and easy to use. Its fast and supports Apple in every way. However. Id like to see these features in upcoming versions: - more advanced color picker - shape recognition, including straight lines - fill tool

Works fine

Easy to use and reliable. I wish it worked better with ado it pixel point.

Incredible app

The biggest selling point of an iPad is this app, great for science students who want to go paperless with their note taking

Best app for a student.

I read lots of off and this is the best app for annotating and taking notes in class. Love the recording feature. Although, it would be great to have an option to save those recordings to an external service like google drive, since it takes a lot of space.

Love this app- for knitters!

I store all my electronic knitting patterns with this app and I can make notes as I go, then I easily have those notes for the next time I use the pattern and I dont have to go searching for a random piece of paper in my house. I can also electronically share, or print that pattern with the notes on for a friend. Easy to sort by folders and easy to set up folders. Love this app!

Save from Safari!

So many great uses for this app - one of the best being you can save webpages to Notability! Love the app.


This is a very great app. I use it for taking notes in university and it works very well. My only issue is the left-handed feature on the app. As a left handed person, It would be very useful to be able to rest my hand on my iPad as I write without making marks on the page. If you could make the hand rest feature the same for left handed and right handed people that would be very Useful!

Use it all the time

I love the record feature that connects typed text with place in the recording. I enjoy being able to send pdfs to notability and mark them up. I like how my work is automatically backed up.

Never thought it could be so useful!

Great note apps, especially to annotate PDF and for hand writing. Could still be improved in many ways however. For example, I would like to have basic drawing tools such as one to quickly create and edit circles, rectangles, and other basic shapes, or to create lines with or without arrows...

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